We’re on the cusp of a major decommissioning challenge.

Its success or failure inevitably – and permanently – influences an organisation’s reputation.

There is a clear requirement to prevent leaks from decommissioned wells in perpetuity; yet there is little precedent and limited data available. Added to that, each well comes with its own uncertainties that determine the approach and cost, including the quality of historical record keeping, the nature of the downhole environment, and the challenge of demanding well integrity issues.

The challenge facing UKCS well decommissioning

It’s time to address the challenge.


Independent Assurance

From well engineering and operations to subsurface geology, we have unrivalled knowledge of well decommissioning; its risks and uncertainties.


Industry leading training to embed the right approach to well decommissioning in the energy industry’s mindset.

Specialist Insights

Whether it is leading edge technology developments or stochastic economic modelling, Well Decom offers specialist services to support and deliver the best decommissioning solutions to the entire Oil and Gas sector.

— To think that effective well decommissioning demands any less rigour, diligence and in-depth planning than during the field development phase frankly underestimates the significance of the challenge facing us here in the UKCS. —