Technology, Economics and Financial Research

We offer niche insights into decommissioning related technologies, full field life economics and corporate financial resilience assessments for companies in mature basins.

We have comprehensive knowledge and understanding of existing, new and emerging technologies across the international supply chain, together with extensive case history insights.

We undertake extensive research into field decommissioning provision to assess balance sheet liabilities and corporate financial resilience

We offer specialist economic evaluation with our unique DecomPV stochastic modelling tool and related products and services

Get beneath the surface.


Independent Assurance

From well engineering and operations to subsurface geology, we have unrivalled knowledge of well decommissioning; its risks and uncertainties.


Industry leading training to embed the right approach to well decommissioning in the energy industry’s mindset.

Specialist Insights

Whether it is leading edge technology developments or stochastic economic modelling, Well Decom offers specialist services to support and deliver the best decommissioning solutions to the entire Oil and Gas sector.

— Let’s be clear. Liability continues beyond decommissioning. We often hear that it lasts in perpetuity. The opportunity is to get the liability assessment right and ensure added value at the front end – that’s what we do. —