We have unrivalled knowledge of well decommissioning.

At Well Decom we understand the challenges and how best to tackle the risks and uncertainties.

Our strategic approach ensures clients make informed well decommissioning decisions based on a rigorous qualitative assessment of all available data, technical solution options and budget constraints.

Independent assurance activity matrix

Technical know-how.


Independent Assurance

From well engineering and operations to subsurface geology, we have unrivalled knowledge of well decommissioning; its risks and uncertainties.


Industry leading training to embed the right approach to well decommissioning in the energy industry’s mindset.

Specialist Insights

Whether it is leading edge technology developments or stochastic economic modelling, Well Decom offers specialist services to support and deliver the best decommissioning solutions to the entire Oil and Gas sector.

— Our role is to ensure clients have fully described the challenge; that they’ve considered all the options; considered all the uncertainties; considered the contingencies, even where offset data is limited and no precedent has been set. —