Start Well...
End Well.

We should not underestimate the challenge of well decommissioning.

It’s a formidable scope with lasting liability and there are significant environmental and commercial consequences if something goes wrong. The only truly effective response is a rigorous, strategic approach that properly balances cost, risk and managing liability.

That’s where we come in.

It’s time to focus on strategy.

— Every well is different; the fundamental geology, how it’s been constructed, how it’s been completed and how it has been produced. Identifying the best approach by balancing risk, uncertainty and liability is where we come in. —

Re-Think Well Decommissioning


Independent Assurance

From well engineering and operations to subsurface geology, we have unrivalled knowledge of well decommissioning; its risks and uncertainties.


We have an opportunity to embed the right approach to well decommissioning in the energy industry’s mindset.

Specialist Insights

The pace of technological development and its deployment should and must accelerate in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of decommissioning wells.