We have an opportunity to embed the right approach in the industry’s mindset.

An approach that achieves the best outcome in terms of risk, cost and managing liability.

The challenge is to realise this transformation against the backdrop of a competitive industry exposed to ongoing commodity price volatility and a prevalent, accepted focus on decommissioning at the lowest possible cost.

It's time to understand.

— The role of the training is to explain to attendees the risks and uncertainties; what they mean; why and how they can threaten well decommissioning projects. —


Independent Assurance

From well engineering and operations to subsurface geology, we have unrivalled knowledge of well decommissioning; its risks and uncertainties.


We have an opportunity to embed the right approach to well decommissioning in the energy industry’s mindset.

Specialist Insights

The pace of technological development and its deployment should and must accelerate in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of decommissioning wells.